FIRC Rally 6 Uren van Kortrijk 2019

Kortrijk was the destination for Activ8 Motorsports last outing of the 2019 season. Once again the final rally of the Flanders International Rally Challenge upheld its reputation of being an event hard on both car and crews, of 153 starters only 101 crews passed over the Finishing Podium.

The event was again based in the beautiful town of Kortrijk and the party atmosphere prevailed throughout the weekend with bars and restaurants kept very busy.

All set up ready in the Service Park in Kortrijk

The organising club Autosfal Groennghe certainly know how to put-on high-profile events with Inscription and Scrutineering being carried out without too many delays. As with all town centre venues spectators and towns folk turned out through out the whole event as the cars could be seen on several occasions as the podium was used to dispatch the crew’s after each service and then as the finishing line. It didn’t matter as to whether the crew’s number was 1 or 100, each was given the same respect with healthy applause.  

Mick the Hammer sat down at scrutineering
Scrutineering was a thorough affair in this rally – Activ8 had no problems as usual

14 stages were laid on with the formidable Lavano being run on Saturday night through a recycling plant and as always the stage was mega slippery much to the delight of the 1000’s of spectators who turn out to watch crews spinning their way through. In previous years the Activ8 crew have made “” a dogs dinner” of the proceedings but this year they got their act together and knocked a good 90 seconds off their 2018 time setting them up for the meat of the event on Sunday. Lavano was run again on Sunday but renamed Mouscron due to re routing the stage through the adjoining industrial estate to the finish, and much to the crews surprise they took 35 overall, so the crew has revised its opinion of the stage from the “worst ever” to one of the “best ever” 

The event uses the market place in the centre of Kortrijk as the focal point during the rally
  • Stage Line Up
  • Lavano 8.68 km
  • Mouscron 8.10 km
  • Aabeke 4.80 km
  • Marke 4.53 km
  • Bellegem 14.95 km (Split Stage – Favourite)
  • Bevergem 8.19 km

The total stage kms adding up to 115 and with liaison kms gave an event total of 279 km.

Lavano – fantastic fun when you’ve got a bit of grip!

Sundays Leg 2 was split into three sections with service and podium visited three times throughout the day.

Activ8 completed the event without major incident but the stages in places ( particularly the two new stages ) were very fast and in one minor incident, on heavy braking  into a T left the surface was muddy and damp resulting in a head on into a ploughed field, fortunately with no damage, and the crew were swiftly on their way.

‘Tarmac’ rallying – Activ8 picked up a lot of Belgium during the rally

As darkness descended on the last stage the crew completed a Wall of Death along a grass covered ditch resulting in a “bum twitching moment” but the sure footed Impreza pulled itself out of the ditch just intime to navigate a very fast Left 3. Hay Ho!!!!!  

Actually the car is on the road on this one – many cars spent a lot of time in fields.

In conclusion 44 overall was an excellent result to finish the season on, and putting that into perspective the top 20+ crews were in very expensive rally cars driven by very competent crews as apposed to a Subaru GC8 which is nearly as old as the driver!!!!!!

One very happy crew at the end of the rally
And the Service Crew were rather pleased too!