The Team

Current team line up is as follows –

  • Malcolm Mawdsley  (on the left)- Owner/ Driver – More commonly referred to as Mr Shouty.
  • Steve Santy (in white overalls) – Navigator – New addition to the team in 2018 – A lot of experience in Belgium rallies.
  • Michael Manson (on right) – Mechanic – Would like to point out he is a member of the Guild of Master craftsman for his ability with a hammer.
  • Phil Worsley (the tall one) – Mechanic – Or more accurately Chief Apologist and Blame Monkey. Even if it’s not directly his fault – whatever has gone wrong must have been because he forgot to remind someone.
  • Mindaugas Rickus – Mechanic – New addition to the team in 2018 – Bodywork specialist and vital team member given Mal’s driving.
  • Mark Rodman – Navigator – Likes to be referred to as Lord and Master. Isle of Man co-driving specialist.