Activ8 Motorsport Season Resume

Having had a great first season competing in the 2018 Flanders International Championship Activ8 Motorsport chose to to return in 2019.

Events entered

  • Rally Salamandre -Beaumont
  • Rally Van Wervik -Wervik
  • Les Boucles Chevrotines -Sivry Rance
  • Hemicuda Rally -Koekelare
  • 6 Uren van Kortrijk -Kortrijk

The season in numbers –

  • 5 events started
  • 3 events finished
  • 2 events retired

Rally Salamandre

Going into 2019 the team had high hopes to repeat / better their performance of 2018. Steve Santy’s return to the co-driver’s seat for the full 2019 season meant the team benefited from his enthusiasm, energy and professionalism throughout the year.

The weather held for the rally this year and was sunny throughout. The crew quickly got back into the swing of things out of 106 starting crews the crew finished a very credible 46th overall which a good start to the season.

Rally Van Wervik

A bumper entry of 147 crews started the event, with many top crews using it as a shakedown for the high profile Renties Ypres Rally which was taking place shortly afterwards. On stage 6 Wervik 2 the crew were lying 46th overall having gained 31 places from stage 1. Unfortunately disaster struck when a freak stone tore the wiring loom out of it’s fixings under the wing. The result of the main loom rubbing on the tyre was an electrical short that caused a fire both under the wing and behind the dashboard. Valiant efforts by Mick the Hammer to fix came to naught as the cooling fans no longer worked effectively. Game over. First retirement in three years.

To put the running order on stage 6 in perspective the first 25+ crews were in a selection of R5’s, R2’s, Top Spec Impreza’s Porches’ etc. Gutted did not cover the disappointment felt by the team.

Les Boucles Chevrotines

Another very good entry of 114 crews started the event. Albeit the pace was very high due to the excellent stages the crew took a well deserved 31st overall with a competent run.

Hemicuda Rally

Another excellent entry of 158 crews started the event. Whilst lying 62rd overall and steadily climbing up the leader board, on the launch of stage 4, Kortemark 2, a front offside drive shaft sheared.

Game over with the second non finish of the season.

6 Uren van Kortrijk 

The final rally of the 2019 season saw 153 starters. The only night stage of the year has been the teams nemesis. Not this year though – 90 seconds faster on the same stage! A good run for the rest of the rally saw the team finish a very credible 44th overall.


Albeit we had two non-finishes we have again won our class in the FIRC which proves the age-old adage “never give up” and with our resolve paid off as other crews had their own problems and fell by the way side.

Sincere thanks go out to every event organiser who with dedicated helpers put on brilliant events, to every marshal who carried out their duties with professionalism, and all the fantastic spectators along the route.

A big thank you goes to Kristof Denaeghel for all his help and assistance throughout the championship year.

Sincere thanks to Steven (Santy) for bringing a very professional input with his knowledge and experience to the co-driver’s seat.

Now last but not least thank you to the three reprobates who make up the remaining members of Activ8, Phil (the blame monkey) Worsley, Mick (the hammer) Manson and Rick (the body) Rickus.

THANK YOU ALL! – See you in 2020!

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