FIRC Rally Van Wervik 2019 Report and follow up.

Bumper update #1 – a late report from the Wervik Rally first.

This years event was held over the 14th and 15th June and was organised by the Auto Club Scuderia Vertica. Many teams were using this event as a practice run for the Ypres Rally so the entry list was a full 147 teams with many top teams. The competition was over 12 special stages with a total of just under 100 km competitive distance.

Activ8Motorsport were allocated number of 82 and despite the variable weather by all accounts were having a very good rally. By half time at the end of stage six the crew were positioned at 46th overall.

Unfortunately, that was the end of the rally for the team. Coming up to the end of stage 6 black smoke started to billow into the Impreza cabin. Upon stopping at the time control it became obvious the front offside loom had broken the fixing, dropping onto the tyre and shredding all 32 wires.

A quick makeshift repair was carried out on the road section to get back to the service area. During service Mick (the hammer) Manson isolated each wire and insulated them to try and perform an interim repair. However, the cooling fans stopped working correctly and the car overheated on the way to the holding area prior to the start of the second leg of six stages.


This was the first non-finish for Activ8Motorsport in some two and a half years of competition and the crew could have been heading for another excellent result in the FIRC Championship.

After the Rally the car spent several weeks at Phil’s house where it became obvious that the had been two small fires – one under the wheel-arch and another under the dashboard. This had melted wires as far up as the indicator stalk which itself had melted. Many wires needed replacing and thankfully the work was completed in time for the following rally – Les Boucles Chevrotines in August.

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