FIRC Les Boucles Chevrotines 2019 Report

Bumper update #2 – bring us up to date!

Over the weekend 3rd and 4th August Activ8Motorsport ventured again into Belgium to compete in the 2019 edition of Les Boucles Chevrotines. The organising club Ecurie Autombile Rancoise attracted an entry of 120 crews with 117 starting the event.

As last year servicing was held in the village of Sivry – Rance whilst inscription, documentation, scrutineering and a re-group area were held in Sautin a short distance from Sivry. Thankfully the weather stayed dry this year but at the same time without the debilitating heat that the 2018 rally experienced.

The event consisted of 12 stages comprising 3 legs each with 4 stages. Rance (13.20km) and Montbliart (14.6km) were new for 2019, Granorieu (7.10km) and Sivry (10.05) being used in 2018. Rance and Montbliart were well received as they were very fast and flowing and probably the fastest stages over which the current Activ8 crew have ever competed.

Unfortunately, the last two stages had to be cancelled due to time restraints but this in no way spoiled an extremely well run event, a credit to Cindy Delrue and her team.
Rally Chevrotines was the first event for Activ8 after the wiring problems on Wervik and the car ran faultlessly, a credit to Phil (blame monkey) Worsley for the complete rewiring of the Impreza front loom.

For the crew the event ran well other than for a couple of “senior moments” and one particular “ brown pants” moment, resulting in finishing 31 st overall in the rally. This translated to 2nd in class and 7th overall in the 2019 FIRC Championship. In light of the extremely high retirement rate just finishing was an excellent achievement and our position was fantastic.

A big thanks goes to Cindy and team, every marshal, to Phil in service and finally to Steve Santy for yet another faultless note reading performance.

Onto the Hemicuda Rally in October!

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