Preparation Update: Activ8 Motorsport September 2018

The Activ8 Motorsports Team is making good use of the downtime between Les Boucles Chevrotines and the next FIRC event, Hemicuda Rally, at the end of October.

Primary focus has been placed on the drivetrain. All units have been in competition use since purchase of the car in 2016 with no attention other than changing of oils. A full inspection was undertaken and the following work completed..

Gearbox and rear diff: These were removed and sent to MND Motorsport so that Nick and Jim Dixon could strip/ examine and refurbish as required.

Hubs: Both rear hubs have been replaced due to damage and wheel bearing wear. The front off-side hub was also replaced for the same reason

Driveshafts/ prop shaft/ gearbox cradle: These were removed and examined carefully for damage and wear. Fortunately, these were found to be in excellent mechanical condition.

Whilst the car was in bits Mal has given the brakes a full strip-down, clean and replacement. Additionally, to try and make setting the suspension up on the back some new adjustable front lateral arms were fitted to the rear subframe.

As of 9th September, the car is back together, and an initial test drive has been completed. Next steps (after Mal has another holiday) is for a full suspension setup to be undertaken prior to a track day which will act as a shake-down prior to the next event.

Further info as and when.

Activ8 Motorsport

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