FIRC Rally Van Wervik 2018 Report

Activ8 Motorsport ventured out on our second outing of 2018 to Wervik in the north of Belgium, for the FIRC Rally van Wervik which took place on Friday 8th and Saturday 9th June.

The rally was organised by the Auto Club Scuderia Vervica V.Z.W and consisted of 4 legs each with three special stages; KP Geluwe (6km), KP Kruiseke (9km) and KP Wervik (10km incorporating a loop).

This was a new event to the team, which also welcomed a new co-driver Steven Santy.  Steven lives in Beselare which is around 9km from Wervik and has competed in many Belgium rallies before.

Over 160 crews started the rally with over 30 big budget teams running cars including WRC and R5s. The event was well attended by British crews as the Rally van Wervik is a round of the British Tarmac Rally Championship. With that taken into consideration Activ8 Motorsport were happy with being seeded 90th at the start.

Scrutineering, as ever was a formality with the only comments being from Mal when he realised our car was probably the quietest by far! The noise from some of the Porsches and BMWs was epic. A silencer removal ‘for purely weight saving reasons’ is now on the cards!

Over the weekend the Impreza performed brilliantly. The only hitch the team    had was between stages 4 and 6 when the clutch started slipping. This affected stage times and a message was relayed to the service crew to get ready for a repair. During second service the problem was quickly resolved using a big bar, grinder and a bit of old fashioned knowledge.

In the car Malcolm and Steven gelled immediately and worked well as a team for the whole of the event with just a couple of ‘interesting’ moments, which proved they were pushing hard. Ending the event 56th overall considering the number of top cars was a welcomed result for the team.

A common theme amongst all competitors was how hard the stages were on the cars. The stages were very fast with some extensive cutting of corners. In some situations that meant the car was almost entirely off the road whilst going at considerable speed! Activ8 Motorsport were not alone in having to manage wheel and tyre combinations to reach the end of the rally. The end result for us is 5 written off wheels and 2 unusable tyres.

Team Active8 wish to express their appreciation to the Organising Committee and all the marshals for putting on a brilliant event, especially considering the number of crews taking part.

Activ8 Motorsport would like to express their sincere thanks to Steven (excellent co-driving skills in and out of the car) and his family for all their help and hospitality throughout the weekend.

The appreciation extends to Michael and Phil, for keeping the car and crew operating efficiency during the weekend… oh and not forgetting the non-stop banter which always makes the rally’s more enjoyable.

Preparation is already under way for Activ8 Motorsport’s next event which will be the Les Boucles Chevrotines in early August. This is being held in and around Sivry Rance in south east Belgium.  We cannot wait!

Malcolm Mawdsley, June 2018

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