Activ8 Motorsport Update and Provisional Timetable 2018

Activ8 Motorsport 2018

The car has been repaired following the last outing in Kortrijk, Belgium last year. This entailed

  1. fitting new rear spoiler as we never found the one that Mal left on stage.
  2. removed the back section of exhaust, bent it back into shape and welded it all back together.
  3. re-piped the inlet/ breather system on the turbo resonator.
  4. straightened all the bodywork and had it repainted – thanks Mindaugas Rickus (Rick).

Following the excitment of Mal locking his helmet in the back of the van which led to the door looking like Jaws out of James Bond had been rather peckish – a new door has been fitted.

Mechanically we are all ready to go!

The team are now busy planning our event timetable for the year. The experience of Belgium has proven rather addictive so that will be the focus of our attention this year. The following is the preliminary timetable

  • Rally Salamandre – Belgium: 21st – 22nd April
  • Wervik Rally – Belgium: 8th – 9th June
  • Les Bouches Chevrotines – Belgium: 4th -5th August
  • Hermicuda Rally – Belgium: 20th – 21st  October
  • 6 Uren Van Kortrijk – Belgium: 24th – 25th November

The team are potentially going to do a trackday prior to April as a shakedown.


16/01/18 Rev.2

(Thanks to MannMotorsport for the photo below and RallyDigital for the photo a the top)

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