Welcome to Team Activ8 Motorsport.

The team have previously competed in close road tarmac special stage rallying at venues throughout the UK, Isle of Man and as of November 2017 we have been competing in the FIRC based in Belgium.


The Team

Current team line up is as follows –

  • Malcolm Mawdsley  (on the left)- Owner/ Driver – More commonly referred to as Mr Shouty.
  • Steve Santy (in white overalls) – Navigator – New addition to the team in 2018 – A lot of experience in Belgium rallies.
  • Michael Manson (on right) – Mechanic – Would like to point out he is a member of the Guild of Master craftsman for his ability with a hammer.
  • Phil Worsley (the tall one) – Mechanic – Or more accurately Chief Apologist and Blame Monkey. Even if it’s not directly his fault – whatever has gone wrong must have been because he forgot to remind someone.
  • Mindaugas Rickus – Mechanic – New addition to the team in 2018 – Bodywork specialist and vital team member given Mal’s driving.
  • Mark Rodman – Navigator – Likes to be referred to as Lord and Master. Isle of Man co-driving specialist.

History of Activ8 Motorsport

Activ8Motorsport was formed by Malcolm Mawdsley in 1972.

In Malcolms words –

How did you get started?

Well where do I start? It might as well be in the late 1960’s or early 70’s. I was standing in Clocaenog Forest, in North Wales and heard and then watched the awesome works Datsun 240Z blast past us. The noise from the open exhaust was truly spine chilling.

From that moment I was hooked! My first event was on 11th January 1972.

What cars have you competed in?

I have competed a variety of cars including

  • Mk3 Zodiac Auto
  • Numerous Anglias
  • Mk1 & Mk2 Cortinas including a Mk1 Lotus Cortina
  • Mk 1 & Mk2 Escorts
  • Sunbeam Talbot – my personal favourite, winning the ANWCC Forest Championship in 1992
  • Subaru Imprezas

What type of rallies have you competed in?

My career started with competing in road rallies mainly in mid/ south Wales using the Anglias and Cortinas.  I then moved onto forest rallies using Escorts/ Sunbeam and Imprezas. Most recently I’ve focused on tarmac multi-stage rallies using an Impreza.

Have you really rallied for over 45 years?

There was a ‘short’ break of 15 years when I started up my own suspended ceiling company (with Andy Morson and Rodger Lambert) Specialist Ceiling Services Ltd.

In 2013, after a fantastic ‘last rally’ where I finished 12th overall with Mark Rodman in the passenger seat  I decided to retire from rallying for good. However, never say never as that only lasted for 3 years before I was back in the driving seat again!

So how did you get back into rallying again?

In 2016 I bought a GC8 Impreza with the idea of using it as a track day car. However, it turned out to be much better than I expected and I “took up the juggle” once more and have spent the last couple of years participating in special stage tarmac rallying.

Tell me about the current car

The specification of the GC8 has been kept “simple” using proven technology. The aim being to keep it ultra reliable. Unfortunately in 2016 we had two engine blowups which resulted in expensive repair builds. The problem was finally diagnosed as a faulty ECU! Since that has been sorted the car has proven to be very reliable.

So what about the future?

The plan is to keep on rallying whilst it remains fun. The main focus will be the Isle of Man as I love the place. I’m also doing a few tarmac rallies in the UK and in November 2017 I am venturing over to Belgium for the final rounds of the FIRC Championship ‘The 6 hours of Kortrijh’




For all enquiries please contact

Malcolm Mawdsley – malcolm131@hotmail.com (He does smile occasionally)

Phil Worsley – Phil_Worsley@hotmail.com